Ole's Carburetor Rebuilding And Carburetor Equipped Engine Tuning

Carburetor Rebuild Service
Throttle Body Injection
Port Fuel Injection Cleaning Service
Rebushing Throttle Shaft Service - Base Only
Tuning service

On & off vehicle carburetor rebuilding, carburetor tuning & ignition advance tuning services are now available at our new home at Tires Import / European Motorsports 1335 Rollins Road Burlingame CA. 94010 ph# 650-342-8473 or 650-589-7377

We Offer In-House:
 Carburetor Rebuilding and Carburetor Tuning / Rejetting Service
Hot Rod, Muscle Car ,Vintage, Classic and Street Rod Engine Performance Restoration by Tuning the Engine for Today's Reformulated Gasoline

  Re-bushing of Carburetor and TBI Throttle Shafts 
 Distributor mechanical & vacuum advance recurving service.
Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning and Fuel Injector Flow Bench Testing.

The links below are to "How to tune a carburetor equipped engine" tech articles from automotive trade magazines based on on some of the vehicles that we have tuned for today's unleaded reformulated gasoline 

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